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The Teeter Totter
Submitted by:The Heimbecker Family

      SELF comes in and 'sees' the teeter totter.
      She tries to ride it by herself but it just doesn't work.

      Then FRIENDS comes in and SELF asks her to teeter totter.
      FRIENDS agrees but soon hears someone else calling her
      and she gets off the teeter totter and lets SELF fall to the ground.

      SELF gets up crying and in frustration
      kicks the teeter totter and hurts herself.

      Then GOD comes in and asks SELF
      if she wants to teeter totter.
      SELF agrees and they teeter totter.
      GOD goes to get off at the bottom
      and SELF begins to panic.
      GOD reassures SELF and lowers
      the teeter totter so that SELF
      can get off safely.

      SELF hugs GOD and go off together.

      We do this to the last half of
      "God is for You" by Doug Horley (Children's Pastor in UK).
      The message is friends may fail you
      but God never will.