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The clown skits contained here-in were obtained from others (Credit given where credit is known) Most are 1-2 clown skits. When using these skits please give credit where credit is due.
  1. The Amazing DollarShananigans Clown World
  2. The Hand is Quicker than the Eye Shananigans Clown World
  3. The Hat Skit Shananigans Clown World
  4. The Talking Machine Shananigans Clown World
  5. The Disappearing Cracker Shananigans Clown World
  6. Mary Had a Little Lamb Shananigans Clown World
  7. Looking for God, Finding Faith Darlene Wagner
  8. My Dad Darlene Wagner
  9. The World's greatest Book Darlene Wagner
  10. Something Funny Lookin' by: Kevin "Duffer" Howley
  11. Little Bunny Fru Fru by: Rick "Soda Pop" Struve
  12. The Teeter Totter Submitted by:The Heimbecker Family
  13. Noahetta by me!
  14. Skits Collected by my friend Cheerios her Home Page:Cheerios

These are all I have for right now. As I get more, I will post them.