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Polk A. Doddy


Polk A. Doddy the Clown is a feminine, silly auguste character who is a funny naive clown. For over 20 years has enjoyed all aspects of clowning.


4-H Clowning Intro to Clowning
Clown World Extension Advanced Clowning

Major Jobs
Founder, President of Tekonsha Chapter Clown Alley
Summer Day Camp sponsored by Branch Co 4-H 1975
4-H Fair Clown 1976
Mother Daughter Banquette, Tekonsha Baptist Church, May 1998
Branch Co., Fair, Coldwater, MI August 1998

Types of Clowning
Store Promotions Grand Openings Parades
School Shows Birthday Parties Nursing Home Programs
Church Programs Fairs Picnics
Seminars Conducted

Fellowship of Christian Magicians - How to be a Church Clown 1976

Balloon Sculpture Ventriloquism Singing
Guitar Face painting makeup
Physical Comedy Comedy Illusions Sign Language


Keep a smile on your face,
God in your Heart,
And a Red Ball on your Nose!

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