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"Ricky Raccoon, Please help me!" called Polk A. Doddy.
"Polk A.Doddy is looking for something and can't remember what" quacked Dacquerous Duck.
"Do you think you could hlelp us?" huffed Balloon Maggoon?"
"Yaawnn, Is it something you wear?" sniffed Ricky Raccoon (he had been sleeping)
"No, She has all her clothes on" quacked Dacquerous Duck.
"Hummmmm, is it something magical?" sniffed Ricky Raccoon?
"No, She has all her magic." smacked Rocy Rabbit.
"Hooooo, is it one of your pet balloons?" sniffed Ricky Raccoon?
"No, She has all of her balloons." huffed Balloon Maggoon.
"Well, I haven't a clue." sniffed Ricky Raccoon. "Why don't we go ask the children next door?"