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  1. Toy Cell Phone
  2. Arrow Board
  3. Black Heart
  4. Foam Key
  5. Balloons as listed Below
  6. Bible
      When we become Christians and love the Lord, he wants us to be obedient to him.. to follow his directions. I want to tell you the story of a lady in the Bible that was Obedient to God. Noah had a wife. Now while the Bible doesn’t tell us her name, we need to name her so that telling this story will be easier. So, I am going to call her Noahetta.
      And here is her story.
        Dial as if making a call On Cell Phone: .....Noah! Where are you?......You’re in the back yard? What are you doing there? I need you to build the kitchen cabinets! and the dishwasher’s broke again! Shem, Ham and Japh’s wives are here and we wanted to go into town. They’re having dollar days at Meijers and we really need new tile in the bathroom, and a new plunger, the toilet is backing up again! God said what????...He wants you to build what?.... What is an ark?....A big boat? What does God need a big boat for? Oh, the boat’s for us....well what do we need a big boat for? There’s no lakes for hundreds of miles. We live in the middle of the dessert! We haven’t had rain in centuries! God’s gonna make it rain? God’s gonna make a flood? God’s gonna destroy all of mankind because they’re sinful? Well yea, but what about the President? Oh, yeah, definitely him. How about the Governer? Them too? Well, I guess we could put off our shopping trip, but right after the flood, I want to go to J.C. Pennies, I know they’ll be having an after flood sale! Oh, there won’t be a Pennies? How about a Sam’s club? A K-Mart? Nothing? Oh, well, I guess us girls had better get things packed. See ya tonight!

        (Hang up phone. Step out of character.)
        You see Noahetta was obedient to her Husband and ultimately to God. Noahetta got everything packed, the clothes, the food, the dishes the linens, the furniture, and by that time that Noah and the boys had the arc built. The neighbors started laughing....(put on neighbors sign) Ha Ha, Ha! what are you going to do with that big boat!? There’s no water here! Is that a dessert schooner? Ha, Ha, Ha. Why don’t you come party with us? We have a great time! There’s lots of drink and food, and everyone will be there! (take off sign) Noahetta ignored them. She knew that obeying Noah and God was the right thing to do. Noah told them that now that they had the ark built, they had to go gather up the animals. How many animals did they gather up? Here, read Genesis 7:2 and 3. (take Bible to audience and have someone read verses.) Two of everything and seven of the clean animals.....that’s a lot of animals! Noah and his wife and sons and daughters-in-law rounded them up. (go into audience and chase balloon bearing members up on stage) Get in the boat! It’s gonna rain! Once everyone was in the boat. God shut them in. Probably because he didn’t need Noah and his family seeing the people crying and begging admittance. It had started raining.. Everyone out there started swimming. You better swim! You’re going to drown! You getting tired already? The water rose and the boat started rocking. All the animals started swaying. Sway animals! The people that used to laugh at Noah were swimming for their lives. It rained for 40 days and forty nights. Noahetta was tired of cleaning, sweeping, moping, shoveling, scooping, feeding, watering. (on cell phone) Noah? Where are you? On the top deck? How much longer is this going to last? The animals are getting restless. The girls and I are soooo tired of cleaning! You want us to come up? O.K. we’ll be right there. hang up phone and go up to animals When Noahetta got there, Noah was just taking a raven out of the cage.. He let it out of the window, it flew and flew and flew, until the waters were dried up. (at this point, I take the person with the raven, and run around the audience, ending up back on stage) Keep flying, He also sent a dove out, the dove flew around and came right back.(take dove and run around the audience, and back up on stage) It couldn’t find a place to land. 7 days latter, he sent her out again, she flew around, (Run around again.) and when she came back this time, she had a olive branch in her beak. (drape un-inflated green balloon over Dove's beak) Noahetta knew that it wouldn’t be long now. 7 more days they waited, and Noah sent the dove out again, and she didn’t come back.. She had found a place to land. Noah opened up the door and looked, God had sent a rainbow! (send colored straight balloons out into the audience come on up, if you get a balloon. God put a rainbow in the sky as a promise that he would never destroy the earth again with floods. God told them to “Go forth” That means leave the boat, abandon ship, You can go back to your seats. Noah built an altar and took some of the clean animals and made burnt offerings on the alter, thanking God for saving them. Noahetta and her family were obedient to God. We need to be obedient to God. He wants us to love him and tell others about his love. It’s hard to obey God all the time. God knows this. But not obeying God is a sin. Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. black heart That means everyone, Mothers, Daughters, husbands, fathers, sons, pastors, Teachers, Friends, classmates, co-workers, everyone has sin in their heart. Key Jesus is the key Romans 5:8 But God commendeth his love towards us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. arrow board We think we can find our own way to heaven, but Jesus is the way. We want to go our own way, Jesus is the way to heaven, we don’t want to believe, so we go our own way. and our own way, and our own way. And Jesus says believe in me. but we still go our own way. If we keep going our own way, we won’t be going God’s way. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life, No man comes unto the father but by me.” If you are here right now, and you are not a Christian, bow your heads and close your eyes right now, and ask Jesus to come into your heart. If you are afraid, our are not sure how, Ask one of the people of the church to help you. They like the Angels will rejoice and celebrate because another person has come to Jesus. If you have been away from the Lord for a while, and you need to feel his loving arms around you, protecting you from the temptations, then you too, bow your heads and tell Jesus you’re sorry, that you’ve missed him and you need his help today. Let us pray.... Dear Heavenly father, Holy is your name. Your will be done in everything. Thank-you for being with us tonight, thank-you for all of these wonderful people that are here and listened to your story. If there are those of us that do not know you as their personal savior, I pray that you will soften their hearts, make it easier for them to ask someone to help them find you. For those of us that are not obeying you right now, please help us to start reading your book again and listening to you soft voice. Help us to lean on you in our times of trouble as well as our time of joy. Be with us always. In His name we pray. Amen. I would like to leave you with this one song: Jesus is our leader. We will follow him. So, come on everybody, follow the leader!lead song: and exit at last chorus.

        Follow the Leader