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      Some Letter Fun!
      From Foam Rubber, Obtained from your local Ulpolstry shop (scraps, discards, etc.) Cut the Letter "C" out of red foam, If you can't find red foam , color it red with pastel chaulk moistened in water. You now have the Red Sea!

      Cut two joining Red C's You now have the Pharisees (Pair o c's) (You can part the Red Seas, by cutting these apart)

      Cut a letter out of black foam (or paint it black) Hold in wadded in your hand, over you eye, ask if they want to see your black eye.

      Cut a out of blue foam (or paint blue), Hide it in your hand as if protecting something very delicate, and tell this story:
      "On my way here I saw something along side the road, so I stopped the car, and got out very carefully, went over the the edge of the road, after looking for traffic, and looked, It was a baby blue Jay! I picked it up and brought it along, it looked so scared and all alone. do you want to see it?" Open you hand and produce the Blue "J"