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      From Shenanigan's Clown World
      Props: Cast: Table is placed in center of stage. Clown A enters carring rest of props. He pours a glass of water, waves the handkerchiefs, passing the coin from one hand to the other, but picking it out of his hair with the unsuspected hand.

      Clown B: (Comes up close.) "Are you a magician?"

      Clown A: "I sure am! Want to see this glass of water disappear?" (He drinks water) "that was only fooling. Now watch this coin. See, I put it in this glass. (He does so) Now, see this glass over here? The trick is for me to get the coin to fly from this glass to the other. Do you follow?

      Clown B: (nods)

      Clown A: "Well, you better not, there's not that much room in the glass!" "Observe, I cover the coin and glass with this handkerchief. The other glass with this second handerchief. A few magic words, and the coin is in the other glass. But that's only half the trick. Now I must get the coin to return to the first glass. A few magic words and presto (removing handkerchief) there is is!"

      Clown B: "You're a fake. if you want to see a real trick, I'll make that coin disappear right before your eyes and you won't even see it!" (They argue and bet. Clown B puts coin on table, pours a glass of water puts the glass over the coin.

      Clown A: "You're going to make the coin disappear from under the glass and you say I won't see it go?"

      Clown B: "You said it, and I'm not going to put a handkerchief over it either!"

      Clown A: (comes nearer) "This I've got to see!"

      Clown B: "One, Two, Three!" (On count three, he grasps the glass and throws the water into Clown A's face. As clown A wipes his eyes, Clown B Pockets the bets and walks off.