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      Jest for Jesus skit #1
      Suggested Verses: Props Needed: Skit: Clown 1:(Enters with large magnifying glass and is looking all around the room searching for something.)

      Clown 2: (Watches for a few minutes then,) "What are you looking for?"

      Clown 1: "I heard some children say that church is God's house. So I came to find God." (continue to look everywhere.)

      Clown 2: "These boys and girls here come to church all the time. Let's ask them!"

      Clown 1: "Were is God? Is he here?"(Some may reply; in our hearts, or everywhere, up in heaven. Give a few minutes and discuss answers the children give.)

      Cown 2: "God is Omni-Present."

      Clown 1 "What is Omni Present?"

      Clown 2 "That means, God can be here with us and in heaven at the same time. He can be everywhere!"

      Clown 1: "How do I know He's here if I can't see him?"

      Clown 2: "Have Faith. Our Faith makes us know God is with us."

      Clown 1: "What is faith? I have never heard of it before. What does faith look like?" (Looks through magnifying glass to find some faith.)

      Clown 2: "I have something in my hand that no one has ever seen. I will show it to you. After I show it to you, no one will ever see it again. Do you believe?"

      Clown 1: "I will believe if you show it to me first."

      Clown 2: "No - you must believe first, then I will show it to you."

      Clown 1: "Okay, I believe you have something in your hand."

      CLown 2: (Opens hand, showing peanut in a shell.)

      Clown 1: "Aw, I've seen that before."

      Clown 2: "Ah-Ha . . But you have never seen the peanut inside. No one but God has ever seen the peanut inside. Do you believe that there is really a nut inside? Even though you have never seen it?"

      Clown 1: "Of Course! There is always a peanut inside a peanut shell."

      Clown 2 "Now you have faith."

      Clown 1: (Is astonished.) "I do? I have faith? (Gasp) Yes I do! Now let me see the peanut."

      Clown 2: (Cracks the peanut and shows it to everyone. Then eats it.) "No one will ever see it again!"