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      The Amazing Dollar
      From Shananigins Clown World

      Props: A One-Dollar Bill


      Clown A walks to the center of the floor, followed by Clown B about ten paces back.
      They are followed by Clown C, whose entrance is delayed for timing purposes.

      Clown A: Stoops down and picks up a dollar bill. He feels pretty good about his find.
      Clown B: taps Clown A on the shoulder, "How about the two dollars you owe me?"

      Clown A: "All right, Here's a dollar on account"

      Clown B: Pockets Bill.

      Clown C: Taps Clown B on shoulder and asks: "How about the two dollars you owe me?"

      Clown B: "O'Kay, here's a dollar on account"

      Clown C - to Clown A: "Remember the two dollars I borrowed form you? Well, here's a dollar
      on account."

      Clown A has his dollar back.

      Clown A to Clown B: "I still owe you a dollar, don't I? Well, here it is, and we're all fair and square."

      Clown C to Clown B: "Now that you've got a dollar, you might as well pay me off"
      (Bill is passed over) "And now we're all square."

      Clown A to Clown C: "And you still owe me a dollar."

      Clown B: "And I always pay my debts. Here you are."

      Clowns walk off in single file.

      Clown A, figuring aloud: "I found a dollar, paid a two-dollar debt, and still have a dollar.
      Boy, That's high financing!"