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      From Darlene Wagner

      Clown 1: "My Dad is Bigger than your dad."

      Clown 2: "My Father's bigger than the universe."

      Clown 1 "My dad's rich."

      Clown 2: "My Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills."

      Clown 1: "At my dad's work, he has 30 people who have to answer to him."

      Clown 2: "The winds and the waves obey my Father."

      Clown 1; "My dad can beat up the meanest, toughest guy around."

      Clown 2: "My Father has the power to turn your fathers life around."

      Clown 1: "My dad buys me the neatest gifts."

      Clown 2: "With my Father, I have need of nothing."

      Clown 1: "My dad spends so much time with me when it's possible."

      Clown 2: My Father never leaves me."

      Clown 1: Never?"

      clown 2: "Never!"

      Clown 1: "All right, you win, I can't top that one. "

      Clown 2: "No, we both win."

      Clonw 1: "How do you figure?

      Clown 2: "Well, that's the best thing about my Heavenly Father, He can be your Father, too!!!"