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      From Shenanigan's Clown World
      ACTION: Clown enters dramatically and announces that he has perfected a mystifying new magic act. Would they like to see it? No matter what the response, he continues, "This trick will make this cracker disappear right before your eyes." At this point someone may yell out that he's going to eat it, but the clown announces that "That wouldn't be magic. I'm NOT going to eat the cracker, ...but I will make it disappear." He may wish to select a volunteer from the audience to inspect the cracker to make sure it doesn't have any trick mechanisms to it, and to assure the rest of the audience that it is, indeed, an ordinary saltine cracker.

      The clown then holds the cracker between the thumb and middle finger of one hand, palm upwards. He passes his other hand over the first one pretending to grab the cracker in the second hand. Actually he drops the cracker into the open palm of his first hand, closes the palm, thus crumbling the cracker into his hand. He holds his second hand in the air, pointing to it with his first hand, and announces that he will now make the cracker disappear, but he must first sprinkle it with the magic whiffle dust.

      He takes his other hand...pretends to grab some whiffle dust from the air...holds the hand over the second hand...and sprinkles the whiffle dust (crushed cracker) over the hand. He then opens the second hand to show the audience that, indeed, the cracker has disappeared. He takes a quick bow.. .and makes a fast exit.