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      The Club Sandwich

      To make this prop, take white foam rubber (obtianed from scraps that the local upolstery shop throws away) and cut two slices of bread, about 6" by 8". (a rectangle with notches cut from the sides) or enlage the about picture for a pattern. Shade the edges of the bread with pastel chalk moistened in water. Cut the two ends of the club, (one is a rectangle 1" by 3" and the other is 1" by 3" with a circle on the end.) shade the two pieces gray. Using rubber cement glue the "club", to the inside of one slice of bread lining the two pieces up so they look like one, Trim a little off so that the other slice of bread will fit on top. and glue in place

      How to use: Place in paper lunch sack. In working the crowd, ask if anyone wants to buy a club sandwich, or if they want to share your lunch - a club sandwich. When you pull out the sandwich, look serious! Everyone will laugh.