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Let's see if you can think like a clown, abstractly. Take a cool Clown College Entrance Exam? Then come back and learn about the different types of clowns.

Clowns Come in all Different sizes, shapes and colors.

There are Four main types of clowns:

The White Face Clown Looks like what it sounds like - A White Face, with lips, eyes, and cheeks in contrasting colors. The White Face is usually the "Boss Clown",the "leader clown", the clown that takes his self too seriously causing everyone to laugh at him. Some famous White Face clowns include:
Jackie LeClaire Bozo the Clown

The Auguste Clown has a flesh face with white eyes and border around the mouth with the white outlined with a black liner, and the lower lip red. The auguste clown is the practical joker, the fool, playing jokes on everyone they meet. Some famous Auguste Clowns include:
Polk A. Doddy! Cookie

Euro Aughuste: The European Aughuste is an Aughuste clown with less white face. The flesh tone is used more prominately with blush blended for the cheeks. White is used primarily at the eyes with a little to accentuate the mouth. Below are some examples of the European Aughuste:
A Russian Clown:Buster:
Hobo or Tramp has a black or brown beard, heavy eyebrows, white lips and eyes. He is usually the sad clown, the one looking for a hand-out.

Some Famous Hobo Clowns are:
Emmett Kelly Freddie the FreeLoader
Character Clowns Can be any of the above. It's not the face that's important, it's the Character. They can be a Nurse, A Doctor, a Fireman. They usually have exagerated features. The Marx Brothers were Character clowns.
Harpo Marx Grocho
Although they were more clowns of actions than of make-up. Here is a couple of Character clowns in make-up:
Patches Be Real
Now that you have all of this information. Check out my Types Page and see if you can correctly identify all of the clowns there.