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      Jest for Jesus Skit #8
      Bible Verse: Isaiah 55:11


      Clowns Needed: 2

      Clown 1: (Enters and sits in chair with flea market sign behind it)

      Clown 2: (Enters slowly looking around)

      Clown 1: (Invites him to step into his flea market.) Clown 2: "I saw your sign and wondered if you have the worlds greatest book?" Clown 1: "I'm not sure . . . Can you tell me something about it?"

      Clown 2: "Well it has a lot of history."

      Clown 1: (Shouts) "Stop . . . I know just what you want." (Runs off and treturns with a large book that says WORLD HISTORY) "Is this it?"

      Clown 2: No you don't understand . . . The book I want is full of information."

      Clown 1: "I have just what you want." (runs off and returns with another book: DICTIONARY)

      Clown 2: "No, No you don't understand . . . It is a book that really makes you grow."

      Clown 1: "I know for sure what you want this time." (runs off and returns with the COOKBOOK)

      Clown 2: "That is not what I am talking about at all."

      Clown 1: "This book will really make you grow."

      Clown 2: "I didn't mean to grow that way."

      Clown 1: (breaks in to say) "I have been around a long time, and I know the greatest book is right here in my pocket, my checkbook!" (Pulls out checkbook and lets everyone see it.)

      Clown 2: "You are really off base. I can tell you what the greatest book is, and I would like to tell you about it." (takes book out of his bag and it is the BIBLE) "This book has history, is full of information, helps you grow and will never fail you like that checkbook can. This is GOD'S word. Forever. . . "