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      Balloon Magic trick

      Mardon Callanta

      Mards Place
      EFFECT: A decorated box is shown on the stage, sitting on a small table. The box to be used should be about six inches square & have a hinged lid. Now the clown/magician opens the box, holding it with one hand. He slowly reaches in & lifts out an inflated balloon, of a size that would fill the box. Now he reaches in once again & lifts out a second inflated balloon, then a third, then a fourth and as many as ten or fifteen of them, all inflated, can be lifted from this same small box. It's kind of a "miser's dream" in reverse!

      To prepare this effect, obtain a box of six inch balloons, all round, all different colors. Into each place a few spoonful of effervescent antacid powder ("Brioschi"), and then prepare small plastic sandwich bags by filling them with water & then folding and rolling them so they will not leak, then tape them with pressure-sensitive tape. One such water bag is next placed in each balloon. Now tie a knot in the balloon's neck, and carefully stack the balloons in the box. It will hold about 10-15 of 'em. Maybe even more! When you present the effect, simply reach in, and under cover of the open lid, squeeze the first balloon to burst the water bag. This mixes with the powder and the resulting gas will inflate the balloon. Cute effect!